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  • FQMat - Physics and Chemistry of Materials
  • PGHIS - History
  • PPBE - Bioengineering
  • PPEDU - Education
  • PPGCS - Health Sciences
  • PPGEE - Energy Engineering
  • PPGEL - Electrical Engineering
  • PPGPSI - Psychology
  • PPMEC - Mechanical Engineering
  • PROMEL - Letters
  • PROFMAT - Programa de Mestrado Profissional em Matemática em Rede Nacional



  • FQMat - Physics and Chemistry of Materials
  • PPBE - Bioengineering



Graduation in Management

We have the pleasure of presenting the program of graduate studies in Management  - MBA.

The Program consolidates its mission to satisfy a growing demand for Continued Education and stands out as a quality alternative in the formation of Human Resources for business corporations in the region.

That is the reason why we offer the MBA courses (Master in Business Administration) for holders of a bachelor's degree in any area of study. With a minimum of 360 hours, the MBA courses have an objective and instrumental vision, and provide students with deeper scientific knowledge aiming for technical expertise. It also helps build and reinforce management and strategic competence in the chosen area.

Just as UFSJ enlarges its vacancy offer, opening up new undergraduate and graduate (M.A.) courses, we reaffirm our interest in accompanying this growth.

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