A consular visa is the document issued by the Brazilian embassies and consulates abroad authorizing the entry of foreign nationals in the national territory. The consular visa configures mere expectation of law, the entry or stay of foreigners in Brazil can be vetoed by the immigration police.

See Types of Brazilian Visas.


Upon arrival in Brazil, all international students must make their registration at the Federal Police within the prescribed period of 30 days from the date of their entry in Brazil. The visa must be renewed with at least 30 days before the scheduled date of expiry.

The address of the Federal Police in Juiz de Fora - Minas Gerais is:

Independência Shopping - Av. Independência, n° 3.600 - Piso G2 - Loja 05 - Bairro Cascatinha
Phone (32) 3257-3690 (ask to speak in the sector of Foreign Affairs)

The Office opens from 9am to 11 am and from 2pm to 4 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

Warning: When you receive the identity card it is very important to check if the personal data, such as full name, affiliation, date of birth, and nationality is correct. If there is any mistake, you should ask for corrections on the spot, to avoid future inconvenience.

Source: Ministry
of Justice