PPGCS- Graduate and Post-Graduation Programs in Health Sciences (Master and Doctor Degrees) - Rating 4

UFSJ's Graduate and Post-Graduation Programs in Health Sciences aim to qualify high education professors and technicians in the Health field and related areas for teaching and research.


Field and Research Lines

1- Field: Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (DIP)

Research Lines:

- Diagnostic, Therapeutics and Resistance

- Epidemiology


2-Field: Bioactive Substances

Research Lines:

- Natural and Synthetic Origin Products Bio-prospection

- Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


3-Field: Collective Health

Research Lines:

- Non-communicable Chronic Diseases Epidemiology

- Pharmacoepidemiology


Address and Contact Information

Program Director: Vinícius Silva Belo

Program Vice-Director: José Augusto Ferreira Perez Villar

Secretary: Michelly Morato Damasceno Gonçalves

Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei - Centro-Oeste Dona Lindu Campus

Rua Sebastião Gonçalves Coelho, 400 – Bairro Chanadour - Divinópolis - MG

CEP: 35501-296 - Phone: (37) 3690-4489 - E-mail: ppgcs@ufsj.edu.br