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Graduate Program in Ecology



 Vieira Rezende



PGE- Graduate Programs in Ecology (Master Degree) - Rating 3 (Capes)

Established in August 2015

The Graduate Program in ECOLOGY (MSc. Degree), with its head office at UFSJ's Dom Bosco Campus, aims to increase and deepen the educational background acquired during undergraduate courses, leading the students in order to obtain their Master Degree in Ecology.



To form human resources at Master Degree level with a high quality theoretical and practical basis in ecology and, furthermore, enable to associate concepts from different fields of knowledge in order to solve ecological and/or conservation problems. The faculty have been working on the Brazilian biodiversity evaluation, from genetic diversity to social characterization, as well as impact caused by human activities. In this context, one of the primary demands to be addressed by PGE will be the absorption of students from undergraduate courses in the biological field, not only from UFSJ but from other higher education institutions around the globe, interested in improve and complement their training in order to be able to meet demands of professionals able to better evaluate, foreseen and mitigate possible impacts on natural resources, helping on conservation and handling of those resources. Besides all that, the Program aims to assist those who wish to follow an academic career and increase their gain of new knowledge and innovations in the field of Ecology.


Research Lines

Population Ecology

Community Ecology


Address and Contact Information


Program Director: Prof. Fernando Cesar Cascelli de Azevedo, Ph.D.

Program Vice-Director : Prof. Dr. Andrey L. F. Castro, Ph.D. 


Phone: 55 32 3379-5135

Office hours: 8:00 to 11:00 and 13:30 to 16:30 (BRT)

Room 2.18 - Building A - Department of Natural Science