Professional Master Degree Program in Public Administration (PROFIAP) is a graduate professional master program in a face-to-face and online model. Program is managed by the Heads of Federal Superior Education Institute National Association (Andifes)

The Program aims to train professionals with extensive understanding of the state role in Brazil, citizenship practice and conscious of ethical, social and environmental questions that will support public policies that would affect society. In this scenario, this professional would gather scientific and technical knowledge to promote improvements in public management.

Program Objectives

- Train professionals in advanced management practices for public institutions;

- Contribute to increase productivity and effectiveness within public organizations;

- Provide resources, models and methodologies to be used as reference for a better public management.

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Address and Contact Information

Local Program Director -

Prof. Dr. Paulo Henrique de Lima Siqueira

Secretary - Denílson Ronan de Carvalho; Adriene Aparecida Carvalho; Jaquiele Aparecida Geraldo

Phone - (32) 3379-4985

e-mail -


Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei – UFSJ Campus CTAN

Sala 1.05 A (Prédio Educação Física) - Tancredo Neves Campus

Avenida Visconde do Rio Preto, s/nº, Colônia do Bengo, São João del-Rei – MG.

CEP 36.301-360.

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