Prof. Dr. Alexsandro Sobreira Galdino – Coordinator

Expertise: Research on recombinant enzymes and new antigenic targets for diagnosis in animal and human health /Entrepreneurship in Hard Sciences

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Prof. Alisson Oliveira dos Santos

Expertise: Artificial Intelligence in Health/ Software Development for Health.



Adriano Guimarães Parreira

Expertise: Environmental Microbiology



Prof. Dr. Daniel Bonoto Gonçalves

Expertise: Research on Bioprocesses 

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Prof. Dr. Eduardo Habib Bechelane Maia

Expertise: Research on Software development, biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence 



Profa Dra. Juliana Teixeira de Magalhães

Expertise: Prospection and characterization of probiotic strains / Applications of essential oils in veterinary medicine.



Profa. Dra. Mariana Campos da Paz

Expertise: Research on Nanotechnology and Cancer



Prof. Dr. Paulo Afonso Grangeiro

Expertise: Production of biomolecules and biomass / Entrepreneurship