Characterization: Physical and mathematical modeling of electromagnetic phenomena and devices using electromagnetic theory. Application of numerical methods to solve problems and design electromagnetic equipment. The main numerical techniques used are the Finite Difference Methods in the Time Domain, Finite Elements, Integral Equations and Momentum Method. Currently, the main studies and researches refer to solutions of electrical grounding problems, electromagnetic transients in electrical systems (mainly those associated with lightning strikes).


Glaucio Lopes Ramos - UFSJ
Márcio Matias Afonso - CEFET-MG
Marco Aurélio de Oliveira Schroeder - UFSJ
Miguel de Brito Guimarães Neto - CEFET-MG
Rafael Silva Alípio - CEFET-MG
Sandro Trindade Mordente Gonçalves - CEFET-MG
Úrsula do Carmo Resende - CEFET-MG
Research Groups

Grupo de Alta Tensão e Coordenação de Isolamento (GATCI)


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