Elaboration of deterministic and probabilistic models, intended for the planning and operation of electric energy systems. In planning, the development of computational tools, mainly based on Monte Carlo simulation, stands out, aiming to help the consideration of uncertainties, and the use of metaheuristics in the process of searching for the optimal plan. As for the operation, priority is given to the development of analytical and computational tools to assess the security of the system. Special attention is devoted to the study of indices aimed at evaluating the power transmission capacity in the lines and the power injection capacity in the bars of the electrical systems.


Márcio Matias Afonso - CEFET-MG

Wesley Peres - UFSJ

Marco Aurélio de Oliveira Schroeder - UFSJ

Lane Maria Rabelo - UFSJ

Eduardo Moreira Vicente - UFSJ


Research Groups

Planejamento e Operação

Grupo de Otimização, Controle e Estabilidade de Sistemas Elétricos - GOCES

Última atualização: 24/11/2023