Design of controllers from the choice of manipulated variables, control strategies, to the optimization of controller parameters. Analysis and synthesis of robust control systems considering linear or nonlinear, uncertain, and multivariate systems, variable or not over time. Development and application of optimization algorithms to obtain better solutions in all phases of the design of a control system. In the synthesis of controllers, different performance criteria will be considered, such as regional allocation of eigenvalues, guaranteed costs H-two or H-infinite. Different synthesis strategies are used, including linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), multiobjective optimization, global and non-convex optimization approaches and computational intelligence techniques such as evolutionary computing and fuzzy logic.

Eduardo Nunes Gonçalves - CEFET-MG
Márcio Júnior Lacerda - UFSJ
Valter Júnior de Souza Leite - CEFET-MG

Research Groups

GCOM - Grupo de Controle e Modelagem

Última atualização: 19/10/2023