I was interviewed for the Podcast channel of Leonardo Peixoto, Youtuber and Professor of statistics (Portuguese - 2022)

Here is an institutional video presenting our lab and main line of research (Portuguese - 2021):

This is a presentation for the NeuroNexus Webinar series about my research (English - 2021):

Here is a presentation for [neuro-comp-br] group on my research (Portuguese - 2021):

My colleague and friend, Prof. Dr. Cristiane Tilelli invited me to be a guest for the "Papo Cabeça" podcast channel hosted by the Neuroscience League of UFSJ/CCO. Here is the Spotfy link (Portuguese - 2021):

Our research was news on TV (Portuguese - 2020):

I recently had the honour to present our work to Dr. Erivelton's Control and Modelling Group in our department. The presentation was recorded and made available here (Portuguese - 2020):

In 2019, the definitive granting of the patent for NPS attracted much attention from the media. This is an interview for a local radio (Portuguese - 2019)

Here is an interview for the UFSJ TV about the II Latin-American Workshop on Computational Neuroscience (Portuguese/English - 2019)

Here's a pitch video of our work for FAPEMIG Inova Minas event (Portuguese - 2015):

Here is a talk of mine at a round table in the Advanced Studies Institute of USP Ribeirão Preto. My talk begins at minute 42 (Portuguese - 2014):

Our lab has a Youtube channel with additional videos. Visit it here.