Metaphysics and Mind: Researches in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind, including different philosophical traditions. The line contemplates a wide array of questions: what kind of things exist; what means “to be” and “to exist”; the nature of that which constitutes the world and the manner in which it is structured; the nature of mind, of mental states, of forms of experience and its components. Researches that tackle issues in the intersection between the domains of Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind, including fields such as Phenomenology and Philosophy of Science.


Ethics and Political Philosophy: Researches in classical subjects of Ethics and Political Philosophy, including the intersection between these fields. Having as its axis the connection between action, association and political order, the studies of this line deal with issues related to the broad conceptions of association and organization of political life, including questions about ideals and normative purposes of these conceptions, as well as those related to the nature and limits of power and authority. The problems and issues of this line are reunited in two main focuses: (1) Ethical and Political ideals: critical researches about the nature and normative ideals of political life (including ideals such as legitimacy, security, freedom, well-being, justice, equity, civic virtues); and philosophical criticism of the theories and traditions which seek to provide a foundation or a justification (including, among others, the Natural Right Doctrine, Virtue Ethics, Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism, Contractualism and Discourse Ethics); (2) Practices and institutions: researches that deal with problems related to institutions and the regulation and mediation of relations and political actions.