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Master of Science and Doctor of Science


1. The minimum and maximum deadlines for completing the Program, including completion of credits and defense of the final work, will be 12 and 24 months, respectively, for the Academic Master's, and 24 and 48 months, respectively, for the Doctorate , from the first enrollment in the Program.
1.1. The maximum period for completing the Program, including the defense of the final paper and delivery of the final version of the dissertation or thesis, may exceptionally be extended to 30 months for the Master's degree, and to 52 months for the Doctorate, provided that duly justified by the Advisor and accepted by the Program Board.
1.2. The time corresponding to the total suspension of the Program in only 1 (one) semester, duly justified and approved by the Program Board, or for health reasons, upon presentation of a supporting medical certificate, will not be computed for the maximum period defined in the caput of this article.
2. The student may, with the consent of his advisor, request an addition or replacement of subjects in his study plan, observing the availability of vacancies.
2.1. The substitution of a subject in which the student has failed will not be authorized.
3. It will be allowed to cancel enrollment in one or more disciplines, provided that 30% (thirty percent) of the activities planned for the discipline have not yet been completed, except in a special case at the discretion of the Board.
3.1. The request to withdraw one or more disciplines will be requested by the student to the Coordinator, with the proper justifications and acquiescence of the Advisor, and will be considered by the Collegiate.
3.2. It is forbidden to lock the same discipline more than once.
4. The cancellation of enrollment in the Course, corresponding to the interruption of studies, can only be granted, on an exceptional basis and only once, at the request of the student and express justification of the Advisor, at the discretion of the Board.
4.1. During the period of interruption of studies, the student will not be able to be evaluated for any activity that will develop in the referred Program.

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