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The PPBE allows two categories of students, the regularly enrolled student and the student in a special study regime.
1. A regular student is one who is enrolled in the program in order to defend a dissertation or thesis, to obtain a master's or doctorate degree in Bioengineering. This student has an advising professor, appointed by the selection committee at the time of admission, who will help in choosing which subjects to study, in planning and developing the research and in the elaboration of their dissertation or thesis.
2. The special student is the one who takes isolated courses offered in the master's or doctorate level.
2.1. For enrollment in individual courses, the interested party must submit an application to the Program Board, which will assess the availability of special offers and the number of vacancies in the course. The interested party must attach, along with the application form, copies of the following documents: a) copies of school transcripts and undergraduate and master's degrees (if any), b) curriculum lattes, c) copy of CPF, d) copy of identity document (RG), e) copy of electoral certificate and f) copy of military service document (male). Also send full address, telephone and e-mail. The curriculum should list professional activities and extracurricular academic activities such as scientific initiation, monitoring, internships, training, mini-courses, congress abstracts, published articles, etc.
2.2. The special student's bond with the Bioengineering Program ends with the end of the course he is currently taking, requiring a new selection process to take another course.
2.3. Special students are allowed to take up to 90 hours of isolated subjects simultaneously, if approved by the Board.
2.4. Subjects taken separately may be used in the future, if the student regularly joins the Program. In this way, the offer of enrollment in an isolated subject is interesting both for the student and for the Program, as it allows the student to speed up and optimize his future master's or doctoral plan.
2.5. The student who is not approved in the selection for regular student may request enrollment in an isolated discipline, as a special student, foreseeing to participate later in a new selection. The student who has taken isolated subjects will not enjoy privileges in relation to other competitors during the regular selection process.
2.6. Special students do not have financial aid, such as scholarships received by regular students.

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