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Master of Science and Doctor of Science



The stricto sensu Graduate Program in Bioengineering (PPBE), with two levels of training, Master of Science degree and Doctor of Science, has the mission of qualifying high-level professionals with technical and scientific training, qualified for scientific research in the area of Bioengineering and to higher education.

The PPBE is governed by the rules of its Internal Regulation, in compliance with the General Regulation of UFSJ, the General Regulation of stricto sensu Graduate Programs of UFSJ and the current Regulations and Ordinances of CAPES / MEC, as applicable.

The main objective of PPBE is to promote effective teaching and research actions that can boost the development of Science, both in the State of Minas Gerais and in Brazil, by training highly qualified professionals for the generation and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in Engineering of Biological Systems.

The specific objectives of the Program are:

I. Join professionals from the areas of knowledge in Biological Systems Engineering, in order to allow the construction of knowledge that incorporates and integrates multiple perspectives, and the exchange of acquired experiences;

II. Train human resources qualified for research and teaching in Programs in the area of Biological Systems Engineering, enriching the competence of graduates, in the perspective of directing them to scientific activity;

III. Train specialized staff in the formulation of appropriate policies and strategies for the study of complex biological systems, such as neuronal, cellular, tissue or ecological systems;

IV. Develop national and regional actions, through research projects and disciplinary content, within the complex systems investigated.

Última atualização: 13/05/2022