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Master of Science and Doctor of Science




1. Applications for the selection of candidates for the Postgraduate Program in Bioengineering will be opened by public notices prepared with the consent of the Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies (PROPE).
2. The application of candidates for the selection of the Master's and Doctoral Program will be accepted upon compliance with the following minimum requirements:
I) Letter from the candidate addressed to the Coordination, explaining, in a maximum of one page, the reason(s) for wanting to do a Dissertation/Thesis in the Bioengineering Program and with the advisor chosen.
II) Delivery of the completed “Registration Form”.
III) Academic Transcript(s), original(s) and a copy, authentication made by the Program secretariat, undergraduate (for MSc candidates) and graduate (for MSc holders of other HEIs) or only postgraduate (for MSc holders at UFSJ).
IV) Original and copy of undergraduate (MS candidate) and postgraduate (DS candidate) diplomas.
V) A ¾ photo; Copy of General Registration and CPF.


1. Admission to the Program will take place exclusively in the lines of research established in the Program, in that year, with the availability of an advisor, namely:
I) Bioengineering of Neural Systems.
II) Bioengineering of Cellular and Tissue Systems.
III) Bioengineering of Ecological Systems.
2. The maximum number of vacancies offered in each selection process will be defined by the Program Collegiate, obeying the list of, at most, 5 (five) supervised by an advisor professor, with the right to apply for scholarships from the Program.
3. The candidate selection process must include at least:
I) analysis of the candidate's curriculum vitae, graduation transcript and pre-research project;
II) English language proficiency exam;
III) discussion of academic production and pre-project of dissertation research (Master's candidates) and thesis (Doctoral candidates).
4. The conditions for admission to the stricto sensu Graduate Program in Bioengineering, Master's and Doctorate are:
I) candidates who hold a degree or a master's degree from courses recognized by MEC-SESu or CAPES, respectively, and who are listed by CNPq, CAPES and FAPEMIG in the areas of Biological Sciences I and II, Health Sciences , Exact Sciences or Engineering;
II) be approved by a Selection Committee, appointed by the Board, consisting of a minimum of 3 (three) permanent professors of the Program.
The duties of the Selection Committee are:
a) organize and supervise the selection process;
b) formulate the program and instruments for measuring knowledge;
c) conduct the selection process for the Program, forwarding to the Collegiate the minutes of the selection with a list of those approved.


1. The registration of approved candidates will be carried out by the Graduate Department, in a schedule previously established by the Program and in accordance with the general calendar of the Graduate Program at UFSJ.
1.1. The selection will be valid for enrollment only in the semester subsequent to its completion.
1.2. The student who does not register in the previously stipulated period will lose the right to the vacancy, which can be filled with an approved candidate and immediately classified.
1.3. Enrollment in subjects must be done with the prior consent of the supervisor or the Program Coordination.
1.4. Simultaneous enrollment in more than one postgraduate course at UFSJ is prohibited.
2. At the discretion of the Collegiate and independent of the regular selection process, students with an undergraduate degree may be enrolled in subjects as special students, with the right to curricular credits.
2.1. Enrollment, as a special student, will be authorized by the Collegiate upon request of the interested party forwarded to the Coordinator, which includes the subjects for which enrollment is requested and the exposition of reasons for subsequent authorization by the responsible professor.
3. The student's enrollment in a subject is prohibited when in the last semester he is able to complete and defend a Dissertation/Thesis, except in exceptional cases in which the Coordination proves that the subject will be completed before the deadline for defense.
4. The student will have his/her enrollment cancelled, and will be permanently disconnected from the Program:
4.1. when the maximum period established in the respective curriculum for completing the program has expired;
4.2. when failed in 2 (two) subjects or 2 (two) times in the same subject or activity;
5. Students who abandon the activities provided for in the Program will have their quarterly enrollment refused and will be automatically disconnected from the Program.
5.1. Abandonment of the activities of the Program is considered to be the failure to register in discipline(s) or completion work within the deadlines set out in the Program's School Calendar, or for lack of all disciplines enrolled in the period.
5.2. The student who abandons the activities of the Program may return, as long as he is able to pay it in the maximum time stipulated by these Regulations and there is a vacancy in the Program.
5.3. The return request must be analyzed and approved by the Program Board.

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